April 2015

The Perils of Public Restrooms with Kids


There are 7 words I dread more than anything when out in public with my kids, “I have to go to the potty”.

My first experience with taking a kid into a public restroom was a major fail. I was in my early 20’s and watching my younger cousins overnight. I was excited to be trusted with their care and planned two days of fun (more about those failings in another post). One was 14, the other 4, both boys.

While the older went to baseball practice, I took the younger to the local mall where I thought a visit to Friendly’s and a toy purchase would catapult me to favorite. A brilliant idea, except I did them in the wrong order and as we walked through the major department store that anchored the center to get to our car I was told, “I have to go potty” about 100 times.

With the mall only a few minutes from their house, I told him to hold it. Simply because I did not know:

  1. where there was a bathroom
  2. if I could take him into the ladies room
  3. if I could send him into the boys room solo
  4. that when a kid says he has to go, he has to go NOW

Needless to say, an accident ensued, complete with yelling at me for making him pee in his carseat and a huge mess for me to clean up. Not only did I not become his favorite cousin, he was angry with me for quite a while after that.

Fast forward about 10 years… I have kids of my own and public restrooms are both the best and worst part of my day.

When my kids were in diapers, a changing table was the best thing about anyplace I visited. Those establishments that opted out (why aren’t they ever in men’s rooms?) set me off on rants about human dignity, rights of babies and getting laws passed that required every public restroom to have ample changing tables for families. Needless to say, sleep deprivation and changes in my children’s potty use status put a stop to that crusade.

When my son potty trained, he was still an only child. It was July and we ran around the yard naked for a week until he got the hang of it. Then we left the house only when desired, visiting only places within a short drive of my house, with appropriate restrooms.

I brought him into the women’s room, with no doubts. And praised the Natick Mall to anyone who would listen because they actually have bathrooms with child-sized toilets (I exclusively shopped there for years because of their child friendly bathroom amenities).

Once he mastered timing and control, I bought a portable potty seat to put in my car, we’d pull over anywhere and let him use it; it saved us from countless car trip fiascos.

My daughter opted to potty train in January. We live in New England and this was not ideal as anytime we left the house we were bundled in more gear at once than most people in the south own. And use of a portable potty seat in the elements was risking frost bite.

With two kids and schedules to keep:preschool for him, ice skating and swim for both, ballet for her (all bad decisions on my part in regards to potty training), I was a bit less flexible as to when I left the house and where I went.

Four months into diaper free days, the weather has warmed, and we head out more often, but inevitably those seven awful words always pop up. If we make multiple stops, we visit multiple public restrooms.

When I’m alone with the kids I take two into every public restroom. My son wavers between helping, including offering to wipe for her (not allowed), and torturing her by insisting on peeing first, while she cries that she must go first (he refuses to go in his own stall). She may never be able to get to the toilet first because let’s face it, in the bathroom arena guys have it easier, but soon he won’t be by her side as she attempts to navigate the perils of the public restroom.

Making three stops today, and three public restroom visits, I was met with varying conditions. The first, a wildlife sanctuary, was surprisingly clean. The second, a national seafood chain restaurant, was a little gross with urine covering the seat, but manageable with a wipe (Clorox Wipes To-Go are a favorite) and a nest of toilet paper to sit on. The third, in an ice cream shop at a lifestyle center, was the worst I’ve seen in a while. The stench made me gag and the seat was coated in caked on poop.

With a two year old who had to go, and flashbacks of my 20 something self causing my cousin to wet his pants, I knew there was no way around it. I picked up my 30 plus pound girl, her tutu delicately resting on my forearms, while she used her third public toilet of the day. Then we washed our hands twice before finally escaping and making our way into the fresh spring air.

Maybe it’s just coincidence that I’ve been sick since mid-February with cold after cold settling into my head and chest and my daughter has had two stomach bugs, but I blame it on our increased visits to public restrooms. From the tidy to the downright disgusting, I’ve seen more in the past few months than I thought I would in my entire lifetime.

I know there are still many more to come, but when I glance into my future I see two kids old enough to go into a public restroom alone and I smile.

Saucy Secret Revealed: One Sauce, Several Uses

This sauce is must add to your regular rotation. It acts as a marinade for grilled meat (pork, beef, bone in chicken) or even vegetables. Then, instead of being discarded, it can be boiled down to use as a sauce to serve over the main course or incorporated into side dishes (I love it mixed into rice, quinoa, or bulgur w/ grilled vegetables, chopped scallions and a few toasted sesame seeds).

Developing an umami packed sweet flavor, this sauce is sure to be a hit with your family. It’s also elegant enough to serve at a dinner party.

Basic Recipe:

  • 1/4 cup Soy Sauce
  • 3 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
  • 1/4 cup Maple Syrup
  • 1 to 2 tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1/2 head of smashed garlic
  • Salt and pepper

Additional Options:

  • 1 tbsp crushed ginger
  • 1 thinly sliced hot pepper (seeded for less heat) OR
  • 1tbsp Sambal olek OR
  • 1tbsp Sirarcha
  • 1 thinly sliced onion or shallots


  • Agave syrup in place of brown sugar
  • canola oil in place of sesame oil
  • eliminate the rice wine vinegar
Photo via Flciker, Courtesy of Steven Depolo
Photo via Flickr, Courtesy of Steven Depolo

Mix all ingredients in a sealable bag, add meat or vegetables, shake to coat and refrigerate at least 2 hours(the flavor intensifies the longer it sits).

While meat/vegetables grill (a grill pan works in place of an outdoor grill), pour remaining sauce into a pot, bring to a boil and reduce until you reach your desired thickness. Serve atop meat or vegetables or mix into your favorite side dish.

You can play with the quantities in a large bowl to reach the flavor you desire. Or transform this sauce into a salad dressing by mixing the same ingredients in the following quantities.

Salad Dressing Adaptation:

  • 1/4 cup oil (canola, vegetable, olive)
  • 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1/2 to 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 to 2 tsp maple syrup or brown sugar (to taste)
  • Chopped scallions (optional)

If additional heat is desired add a pinch to 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes or a squirt of Sirarcha. Use to top green salads, or as a dressing (increase recipe to accommodate amount) for coleslaw or mix with your favorite grain.

Now you have one sauce that will pass the kid test, impress your significant other and wow your friends.

-Sharing a saucy little secret weapon to transform you into a kitchen pro, Jess

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April Vacation: Plans in a Pinch

Make the most of your spring break in Boston, without any advanced planning

April may be the height of spring in other parts of the country, but in the northeast, spring’s  just starting. The weather can be fickle making advance planning a bit of a pain when you’ve got the great outdoors on your mind. But don’t fret because there are plenty of plan in advance free options for the matriarch in a pinch.

Check out the Boston Marathon.

The finish line may be the most rowdy and crowded spot along the route with revelers enjoying the lively bar scene that calls Boylston Street home, but the ‘burbs’ offer excellent options for families to sit back, relax and cheer on those completing the 26.2 miles. Pack a picnic (just in case you can’t get food when the wee ones hunger pains kick in), bring a folding chair and set yourself up in one of the town centers that welcome visitors to take in the excitement of the Boston Marathon. Options include:  Ashland, Natick Town Green, Wellesley, or Newton City Hall.

Get cultured at the MFA.

This may not be an outdoor activity, but trekking the kids to a Boston museum from your parking spot, or on the MBTA in the pouring rain is not exactly exciting. Throughout the week of April 20th, 2015, the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) will welcome early art enthusiasts to explore their inner Picasso with activities that make kids feel welcome and excite them about art. All the while allowing you to enjoy a bit of culture without worrying that their behavior will have you banned for life.

Head to a zoo before the summer crowds arrive.

Courtesy of Zoo New England
Courtesy of Zoo New England

Boston’s sprawling urban animal kingdom, Franklin Park Zoo hosts a variety of activities beyond their usual round-up.

Celebrate Earth day on April 24 with a Party for the Planet.  Along with exciting activities, you will learn what you can do to keep Earth happy. The party kicks off at 10:00 a.m. and continues until 3:00 p.m.

Enjoy animal exploration. You’ll be privy to a lesson about a specific animal in a fun, kid friendly way.  April 20 and 22 will find visitors engaged by Linne’s Two-toed Sloth at 10:00 a.m. and the Camel at 1:30 p.m. While April 21 and 23  showcases Tigers at 10:15 a.m. and Kea at 11:00 a.m.

Teens can get hands-on with Zoo New England’s ZooTeens where fun and educational activities are taking place daily from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Courtesy of Zoo New England
Courtesy of Zoo New England

Enjoy the Aussie Aviary kicking off its season just in time for April school vacation week. Open weather permitting from 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day this week. Visit with a seedstick in hand (available for purchase); meander through brightly colored budgies in an interactive space and you may just create a landing zone for birds to visit directly with you.

For a mere $5 fee (in addition to zoo admission)  you can head off to Africa, on a motion simulator ride that takes you on a 6D high-speed chase to capture poachers. Making your way amongst wildlife like elephants and wildebeest you’ll work with rangers to return a baby rhino to his mother.

Visit the Stone Zoo April 20 – 24, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and go beyond learning about the animals who live there to meet those who care for them. Zookeepers will be out and about for meet and greets at scheduled times, scavenger hunts will be set-up and other exciting hands-on activities await you like a very special Princess and Frog Day.

If you’re still seeking last minute things to do; check out USA TODAY’s 10best and find fun family friendly attractions for families with kids of all ages.

Encouraging every Amazing Matriarch to turn an ordinary April vacation extraordinary, Jess

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Transform your Tresses Last Minute with this Boho Up-do How-to

Chic Hairstyles in Under 10 Minutes, A Series

Moselle Sath, hairstylist extraordinaire at Shag Boston, to the rescue of our tresses at team Amazing Matriarch. On a mission to improve our day-to-day look, Moselle’s styles are ready for the Matriarch on the go to recreate in a flash.

Part 2 of 6- The Boho Up-Do Hair Tuck

The Boho Up-Do Hair Tuck is AMAZING because it doesn’t require any type of expertise whatsoever, and the final product, although effortless, looks like you’ve seen Moselle yourself.  Channel your inner Coachella and rock this simple style at your next school drop-off.

What you need:

  • Wraparound hairband of choice (we love boho chic braided bands)
  • 4 Bobby (or hair) Pins

Boho Up-Do Hair Band SelectionA trending style, these boho wraparound headbands can be found everywhere from your neighborhood pharmacy to favorite boutique.  The featured braided headband used for this article was purchased at Forever 21.

Find similar styles:

Step 1:

Take the hair on the back of your head and gently tease from mid-length to scalp.  If you already have thick hair and don’t require any extra volume, skip this step entirely.

Boho Up - How to put on the headbandStep 2:

After your hair has been combed out, place your headband on the top of your head (as if you were wearing a crown).  Secure your headband with 2 bobby pins on each side of your head to prevent the headband from sliding while you create this masterpiece.

**Tip** – For those of you that have trouble keeping your headbands in your hair, spray  hairspray on the inside of the headband to create extra friction, and keep the band from slipping.


Boho Up - Tucking in your hairStep 3:

Start on one side of your head by taking a small section of hair, roll the piece of hair up to the headband and tuck it into the top of the headband.  Continue this step until you get to the other side of your head and all of your hair is neatly tucked into the headband.

**Tip** – If you have long hair or really thick hair, you might want to add a couple bobby pins to the end result to hold your hair in place.

The boho image is meant to look effortless, so don’t worry if your up-do isn’t perfect.  Loose pieces of hair hanging down from your up-do will only add character to the overall style.

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Meet Amazing MOM: Rebekah Wilbur

11091184_10205985066844006_679079702_nOne part wonderful wife, two parts mom, and two parts business woman, Rebekah Wilbur is certainly worthy of the title Amazing MOM. Our April pick, Rebekah Wilbur, owner of Rebekah Namoi Cake Designs & piano instructor extraordanairre, is one inspiring lady you want to know.

Originally from the U.K., Rebekah’s modern day love story transported her to the US ten years ago, and she’s never looked back.  An inspiration for internet fearing individuals everywhere, Rebekah met her husband, Michael, when researching study abroad programs in Massachusetts. After chatting online for quite some time, Michael made his way to England for a Master’s program where he and Rebekah moved in together, eventually returning to the states where they married, started a family and are currently settled outside of Washington, DC. Talking to Rebekah 10 years into their relationship, it is clear to see that this is one couple who has what it takes to last. Rebekah gushes that:

We share common goals and we work hard for each other- making the necessary sacrifices to help one another succeed at the things we are passionate about. He is calm, patient and understanding and I am driven and ambitious – he compliments my personality and brings the things to our relationship that I lack. We make a great team.

10958398_10205631862654122_373924516_nRebekah’s support for her husband’s career kept her home with her kids since moving to the DC area. After her second, Teddy, came along, Rebekah found herself seeking a creative outlet beyond play dough. Known for her skills in the kitchen, Rebekah began exploring her cake decorating talents. In 2014 she launched her first business, Cakelicious.  Rebekah’s elegant cake designs increased in popularity very quickly, edging out her children’s cake creations and causing her to relaunch her business with a new look and new name, Rebekah Namoi Cake Designs. Having undergone a full business transformation in just one year, Rebekah is finding herself the focus of more than her clients.

Her ambition and determination has led Rebekah’s creations into publications everywhere. You’ll find her work included as part of a bridal photo shoot with award winning event planners ‘Order and Organization’ in a Persian wedding themed spread in Washingtonian Magazine. 

As well as an Editor’s choice winner for the international sugar artist collaboration included in  The Easter Coloring Book Cake CollaborationRebekah’s winning design will be featured in:

With 3 1/2 year old Esme and 1 1/2 year old Teddy at her feet, Rebekah often has company in the kitchen. An expert in the art of distraction, and one of the most patient women around, she puts the kids to “work” churning out masterpieces of their own that “help” mommy complete her projects. Even with her kids meddling, she always manages to meet her deadlines.

Rebekah’s cake design business is not all she has going on. Her second business venture is musical, showcasing her life-long piano training. With 18 years of private piano training and a music performance degree in saxophone, clarinet and piano from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, BA Hons, Rebekah rocks it on the keyboard; teaching piano lessons to budding music stars. She works so well with those she tutors that word is rapidly spreading and Rebekah is quickly finding herself as an instructor in demand.

There’s more to Rebekah’s success than her skills. If you’re lucky enough to meet Rebekah, the first thing you’ll notice is that she has a presence that’s larger than life. From her astute posture to her genuine smile, Rebekah’s welcoming persona instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel you’re as fabulous as she is. She is confident and charismatic and her passion is contagious.

Although a go-getter, balancing life’s many demands, Rebekah’s a multifaceted lady just like you. She’s an iphone addict, and has to be. Work is not 9-5, in reality it never stops, and the social media savvy know that it takes a continuous presence to get ahead in the digital age. To stay on top of things, you’ll find Rebekah making important business moves on the go. So, although she may look like the distracted mom at the playground, she’s multitasking to the max, taking orders, communicating design ideas with clients and keeping current on social media all the while being there with her kids.

When she gets a little down time she tries to sneak away for a massage, or in a pinch takes a long hot bath all by her lonesome. She misses her make-up and feeling glamorous. As most stay at home moms of little ones can attest, it’s not easy making time for yourself, and Rebekah admits that she barely has time to brush her teeth let alone locate and put on make-up.

So, when the day is done, and Rebekah is beat, she does one thing for herself to help her remember that she is a beautiful woman; she straightens her hair in preparation for the day to come because she knows it is bound to be another busy one. And she’s grateful.

Rebekah can be reached on her website or Facebook.

“I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.”- Estee Lauder

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Land of Nod Inspired: DIY Letter Garland

Give your indoors a customized touch of spring with this inexpensive, Land of Nod knock-off, letter garland. Fed up with the wintery weather still lingering in New England, I was inspired by Land of Nod to brighten up my mantel with some spring décor. If spring won’t grace the outdoors, I might as well transform my home into a budding paradise. KJ sign

The total cost of my indoor spring fling: $2.50.

Total effort: minimal.

What you need:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • String or Ribbon for hanging (Land of Nod uses a shoelace)
  • Letter Template
  • Pen (For tracing the letters onto your scrapbook paper)
  • Scissors
  • Handheld Hole Punch
  • Vase
  • Twine (to wrap around the vase)
  • Clear Glue
  • Dried flowers

**Tip** – If you are unsure about what paper colors go well together, purchase a scrapbook012d698b9a4243458dd0d31cb4683831b56c375905 paper pad.  These include a collection of prints and patterns that pair very well together.

Step 1: Print out the enclosed letter template that I created and cut out the letters that you want to use for your project.  Click here to download the letter template.

Step 2: Trace the letter templates onto the scrapbook paper of your choice.  Once complete, you can begin cutting out your letters.

Step 3: Place your hole punch tool on each letter in the location where you want your holes to go.  Carefully squeeze the tool and release, you should see your hole immediately after you remove the tool from the paper.  Note – for the bigger letters, I used 2 holes in order to balance the weight of the letter. Flower Image

The small flower vases were $1/each at the craft store. To recreate this look, take a bit of twine and wrap it around the neck of the vase; secure it with clear glue.

Using dried flowers  (mine were saved from the bouquet my husband got me for Valentine ’s Day), adorn the vase with one or two buds. Use the vase to anchor the letter garland in place on your mantel, dresser or shelf.

And you have a touch of spring color in a saying that suits your decorating theme of the day (name garland, birthday greeting, party banner, etc.). Now recreate for all your special occasions and be the envy of all your friends.

– Just one knockoff  creator delivering a fresh take on spring decor, Thia 

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Coming Soon: Amazing MOM

Get ready for our exciting new monthly feature and meet inspiring women. AMAZING MOM (Matriarch of the Month) will showcase average women who are doing above average things; inspiring us to be our best selves. We’ve searched far and wide to find women we know will inspire you too.

Meet our first Amazing MOM, April 13, 2015 and be blown away by what she’s accomplished in just one year.

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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Marriage


We still love to "cut a rug"
We still love to “cut a rug”

Give Your Marriage a Makeover 

Let’s be real ladies, we give ourselves makeovers on a regular basis: hair, clothes, nails, shoes and even skin and after we feel great.

We deep clean, toss piles of unwanted junk, renovate and redecorate our homes, making big changes and small touches to keep who we were around while ensuring there’s plenty to reflect who we are now and what our tastes are at this moment. But how often do we think of dusting off the cobwebs and deep cleaning our marriage?

This spring make that most important relationship a top priority; revisit the past, plan for the future, and give it an overhaul to reflect who you are, together, now. Apply the elements of makeover magic to your marriage and you just may see your special someone in a whole new way.

We’ve got three ideas for you to reconnect with your partner that will have you giggling like you did when you were dating.

The Little Things: Acknowledge and Appreciate Each Other

A few weeks ago my husband randomly started making my coffee before he left for work. He’s never been a coffee drinker and did not ask how to make it, and the first day it was awful. But it was made, by him, for me, without any requests, hints or nudging on my part. That far too strong cup of coffee was the best cup I’ve ever had. And it was his way of taking one little thing off my plate and reminding me that he cares.

This simple act of kindness started my days with a smile, reminded me to say I love you more, hug him before he leaves for work and ask how his day was before dishing about mine. It’s silly, but prepping my coffee has reminded me to appreciate him.

Think about something simple you can do that will bring a smile to the face of the one you love and make it a routine.

Remember Who You Were: Revisit the Past and Reenact it

Why can't we smile like this everyday?
Why can’t we smile like this everyday?

Something as simple as a perusal through your pre-wedding pictures can spark inspiration for reconnection. Those photos of biking along the beach, enjoying an outdoor movie, catching a favorite band, or taking dancing lessons will remind you of how you were when all you had to worry about was one another.

Bring those people back, if only for a few hours. Hire a sitter and plan an activity you once enjoyed without worrying if the kids can keep up. Talk, laugh and enjoy your few hours without interruption and you may find the old you is still in there.

When you get home, show your kids the pictures from your past as well as those you took that day; they’ll love to see you together. And maybe this will even lay some building blocks for their future relationships.

A Grand Gesture: Escape Together

If you’re blessed with a sitter you trust or family nearby, and the funds to make it happen, get away without your kids and rekindle. A multi-day vacation or a one night stay-cation in a nearby hotel will allow you to forget about the dishes, dinners, piles of laundry, yard work and kids for a little while so you can focus on the two of you.

Have fun together doing what you love. Drink during the day, stay up too late, nap, eat great food, order room service, and indulge in this far too infrequent time alone.

If a longer trip is in the cards, make it extra special for your significant other. Pre-book something you know will be appreciated, even if it’s not what you love to do. A concierge or vacation planner can help you with ideas that suit the area. A few to get your creative juices flowing include:

  • Buy concert tickets
  • Arrange a round of golf
  • Book spa treatments
  • Dinner on the beach
  • Ski lift tickets
  • A guided a tour

As a suburban Bostonian, my husband and I make it a point to escape someplace close by a few times a year to catch up. We look forward to the night or two solo in the city we lived in before the kids came along, or along the nearby coastline.

It gives us real time to talk (without interruption), and focus on one another rather than the dynamics of everyday life. It reminds us that our relationship is more than that of a mom and dad, and allows us to build a few memories kid-free.

Best of all, by the time we return we are always well-rested, reconnected and looking forward to returning to our family after our weekend together.

A round of anniversary golf to fend off the 7 year itch
A round of anniversary golf to fend off the 7 year itch

When we return to reality, it’s easy to forget that our partner is in this with us. When our kids are young and demanding, as they grow into wild teens, and when they leave to start their own lives our relationship faces new challenges. To adapt, a couple needs to grow and change together so the core of their family stays fresh.

This spring, I’m committing to giving my marriage the spring cleaning it deserves and continually refreshing it throughout the year so we remember who we were, who we are and where we’re headed.

-A Mrs. in love with the man she married, and planning to stay that way, Jess

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A Tasting Fit For Kids With Jelly Belly

My foodie cousin always comes up with some really creative ways to entertain my kids when she sees them.  Often involving food, Saturday’s activity was no different.  She came to our house equipped with an assorted pack of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  As soon as she asked them if they wanted to play a game that involved eating jelly beans, both kids, without hesitation, ran to the table and patiently waited for the game to begin.

As a sensory based activity, she encouraged the kids to pay attention to each flavor they were tasting and describe it in their own words.  I couldn’t believe that my 2 and 4 year old sat there at the kitchen table engaged for over an hour (this is unheard of especially when there is sugar involved).  Their excitement and anticipation over what jelly bean flavor was next in line really was fun to watch.

My 4 year old son correctly guessed at least 90% of the flavors that he tasted. I didn’t realize his palette had already matured so much (clearly this was a learning experience for me as well).  My 2 year old daughter wasn’t quite there yet but she was thrilled to join in on the fun and get a new jelly bean when everyone else did.

body photoWhy not put your kids Easter candy to good use this Sunday?  All you need is an assorted pack of Jelly Belly jelly beans and your kids.  With 50 distinct flavors (49 included in the assorted pack), this game is something you can do with your kids more than once. The kids get a treat, they learn about their sense of taste and you are able to keep their attention for an entire game.  What’s not to love about this simple activity.  Game on!

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