I Survived Soul Cycle…


Being a former Division 1 college athlete, people assume I can handle any form of physical activity but that is just not the case anymore.  I was a D1 hockey player- in a previous life.  Now, I am a mom that has an enduring back injury and let’s be honest, the only physical activity I’ve gotten in the last 18 months is running after my kids.

A few weeks back when Jess asked if I wanted to accompany her for a day at Chestnut Hill Square, I assumed our day would involve shopping and eating, so I happily accepted.  It wasn’t until the night before that she told me the logistics of our day and what was first on our agenda:  SOUL CYCLE.  I had never done a spinning class before, let alone made use of my $200/month gym membership in the past 18 months, but I didn’t want to wuss out, especially since the rest of the day was right up my lazy alley.   I motivated myself, by repeating this mantra, “it’s only 45 minutes of a kid-free day of fun”.

While we were waiting for the class before ours to finish, I was sizing up all the women that were waiting for the doors to open (something I used to do in my competitive days to see what I was up against).  OMG!  They were in amazing shape.  These women looked like they were Cross Fit fanatics who compete regularly in muscle man competitions. The definition of every muscle clearly visible all over their bodies.  I was intimidated, and that’s when my nerves set in.

Upon entering the room, I saw bike on top of bike on top of bike, which I guess is standard for any spinning class (again, first timer).  All I could imagine was, falling off the bike and landing right on the woman next to me. Then began to imagine being carried out in a stretcher if my back goes out. The class at a standstill. The hard bodied women surrounding me staring, annoyed that I was ruining their triathlon training. The instructor announcing my incompetence over the mic. I was anticipating failure and humiliation as the lights went off, the music began and the door closed.  Too late to turn back now.

The instructor began the class by saying the only thing that is going to keep you from challenging yourself is your mind.  And there it was, I had talked myself out of this class before I even got on the bike.  I decided to turn it around, instead of I can’t, I started telling myself I CAN DO THIS.  My worries started to fade away and I began having fun.  The instructor was energetic, the music was exciting, my adrenaline was rushing and I felt great!

It wasn’t until late in the class when I started getting tired. And once my body started getting tired, my mind started doubting I could tackle Soul Cycle.  Then the instructor jumped off her bike and broke into a sequence of karate kicks and punches in front of the class. This woman was a ninja!  Instead of giving up, her inspiration brought the competitive Division 1 hockey player me to the forefront,  my imaginary cape went on, I got my second wind, and I knew I was going to rock Soul Cycle just like all those fit bitches ( I say that out of envy and admiration) surrounding me.

As the class was coming to an end, I felt disappointed rather than relieved.  I felt amazing, I was covered in sweat and loving every moment of it.  Not only did I get a full body workout, but I challenged my mind and realized I am still capable of tackling a physical challenge.  It was the best fitness class that I had ever done.  Mind, body and soul, this matriarch was on top of the world.

I survived Soul Cycle, loved it and can’t wait to go back. That gym membership however, remains unused…

-Just one chick cycling her soul out, Thia


A creative mind, trained in the field of marketing and a master of do-it yourself and the art of crafting. A kid at heart Thia’s a true believer in the healing power of laughter. In her spare time, she is a pop culture disciple, a closet shopaholic, an adventurer and a Disney songstress (for her children, of course).

A former Division 1 ice hockey player, Thia holds a degree in Communications from Boston College.

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