I Tried It: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a subscription fashion service that sends you a box filled with 5 “hand-picked” items from their team of stylists that you can keep or return. Keep all 5 and save 25%, keep 1 and save the $20 styling service fee, send them all back and you’ll be charged $20 for your stylist’s time.

Is Stitch Fix your clothing solution to staying on trend without ever having to enter a store?

The Good:

Boyfriend Jeans & Blazer
Boyfriend Jeans & Blazer
  • Stitch Fix asks detailed questions about your size and style in preparation for assembling your personal box
  • Stitch Fix sends 5 items in each box; these items include clothing, and accessories to pair together
  • Stitch Fix requests a budget from you and sticks with items within that budget
  • Stitch Fix sends styling cards, with lots of photos and a detailed note on ways to wear the items sent
  • The items are on-trend
  • To return items, you simply put in the enclosed bag and drop in a mailbox, easy,  quick and free
  • You get a $25 credit if friends sign up and order a box using your code
  • It’s fun to get a box of clothes

The Bad:

Stitch Fix summer 2014, maxi dress & 3/4 length top
Stitch Fix summer 2014, maxi dress & 3/4 length top
  • Stitch Fix sizing is inconsistent: those who do not fall into an average height, weight and build may find they receive many items that do not fit
  • You must be very aware of colors and styles that look good on you, as at times boxes come color and style  focused; you may find multiple items in one box of a  color/fit that does not work for you
  • It took a full month to receive the first box from time of order
  • Find nothing of your liking and  you’re out $20; making choosing 1 item a better deal, even if you don’t love it
  • You may find your best friend, neighbor, random gym member wearing the same item, possibly in another color (that happened to me twice)
  • Stitch Fix has certain items and can’t always meet your needs (a request for a simple item, a black pencil skirt, was not an option, but a nice note was included in the box about the inability to meet my request)
  • Even when you’re very specific about your size ( I often stressed how petite I am and how narrow my shoulders are) you may not receive items that fit well; many of  those I kept had to be tailored.
  • Stylists vary from box to box; I found the same styles in varying colors arriving in various boxes (se photos of white top and orange top in this post)
  • It did not seem that all the stylists who pulled together boxes for me took into account the notes I made about sizing

The Verdict:

Dark Skinny Kensie Jeans and Orange 3/4 top
Dark Skinny Kensie Jeans and Orange 3/4 top
  • Although Stitch Fix is not for me (I’m 5’1″, 100 lbs, with really narrow shoulders and a 32 D bust; they had trouble nailing my fit) it is a fun idea for those of average height, weight and build who don’t have time to to shop or feel they’re not style savvy.
  • Don’t rely on Stitch Fix for certain items you want or needs as they may not be available in their warehouse.
  • It could be a nice way to add a few different items to your wardrobe as long as you’re ok with tossing $20 away if boxes arrive without styles you like or items that fit.

If you’re someone  who can assemble an outfit quite easily, has time to shop in store (some department stores offer free styling services, others offer free tailoring), or have lots of friends who use Stitch Fix, you may want to pass and buy what it is you really want. Otherwise, give it a shot, all you’ve got to lose is $20.



-One savvy shopper choosing to be her own personal stylist, Jess

Armed with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Teaching, Jessica began a career as an advertising executive before spending nine years as an 8th grade English teacher. In 2009, Jessica opted out of the workforce to be home with her kids.

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