Meet Amazing MOM, Sera Anderson

Sera’s life story has the makings of a Disney Movie. Abandoned on a doorstep in South Korea as a baby, Sera was found miraculously alive and well. Adpoted by an American family in rural Vermont, Sera grew up on a farm with her parents and brother. Married to her very own Prince Charming, She’s a stay at home mom of a “spirited” son and a beauty queen. This stunningly beautiful princess’s tale just keeps going.

Sera when she was found in box in South Korea
Sera when she was found in box in South Korea

Staying in the northeast for college then settling in Vermont, Sera landed a job as a pharma rep, bought a condo and lived the dream of every 20 something. Weeks spent running around for work were followed by nights and weekends unwinding amongst friends. Until she met her prince. Seth Anderson entered her life several times before their romance bag. First in passing at a hospital, then while out with friends, and eventually these two connected sending their lives barreling full speed ahead to success.

You can usually say the woman made the man, but these two made each other. Changing so much through the years they’ve been together, the Andersons have always been in-sync. Sera says, “I still have a list somewhere of all the incidents and examples of how he and I finished each other’s thoughts and sentences. Literally. It happens so much I started writing it down. It was creepy.  We keep each other responsible for ourselves… We hang out and talk. Talking is one thing we never fail on..we talk about politics, religion, controversial issues, universe, pop culture, Caden, family worries, everyday negotiations. You name it. We rarely have nothing we can’t share or talk about… The ways we differ I feel we teach each other things about life. It’s a great partnership. Are we perfect? No. But I focus on the good.”

Allowing one another to truly be themselves, their relationship was solidified long before they tied the knot. Dating for five years, these two bought homes, changed careers and saw each other through tough times. They welcomed one another’s family and friends into their lives; embracing them as if they were the one who established the relationship.

Right before they married, Sera quit her pharmaceutical sales job to follow her dream of owning a Cafe, successfully running her business until after their son Caden entered the picture in 2012. Wanting to be a mom, was replaced with actually being one and Sera learned quickly that this was the hardest job she’d ever have. Desiring to focus on her little man full-time Sera sold her business and took off running; a mom on the move.

With Caden
With Caden

When Sera welcomed Caden into this world, after a truly horrific labor and delivery, everything shifted. Her love for him grew with each passing day and she set off on a journey of learning how to parent. Meeting this “job” with the voracity she’s put into every other venture, Sera struggled with shortcomings, especially where sleep was concerned.

For 15 months Caden kept her awake. Wreaking havoc on her circadian rhythms and her sanity. Sleep deprivation made her depressed and feeling hopeless. She tried it all, including hiring someone to help her sleep train-everything failed. Caden was the driving force in his sleep and once he started to sleep, so did Sera.

Once she was able to sleep again,  Sera found herself seeking a new challenge. Encouraged by friends who were planning to enter, Sera signed up for the Mrs. Vermont pageant in 2104.

Sera invested time into prepping for the Mrs. Vermont pageant. Gracing the stage as her husband and son cheered her on from the audience. Her small frame decked out in a lovely red gown, made up with her signature black eyeliner and her extra long, jet black locks styled perfectly to show off her exquisite features, Sera rocked the pageant and won. Being crowned Mrs. Vermont her life once again set off in a new direction.

A typically private person, and introvert who favors small gatherings with a few close friends over large parties, Sera did not realize how quickly her privacy would be taken away when she became Mrs. Vermont, 2014.

Taking part in the Mrs. America pageant and fulfilling her duties (think parade marching, volunteering and hosting a fundraiser) throughout the year taught Sera that beauty really does come from within. Inspired by the loss of those close to her from Cancer, including a close childhood friend and her mother in law, Sera wanted to do something symbolic. And she did.

Head shaving
Head shaving

In September of 2014, Sera set-up a fundraiser where she herself shaved her head. Teaming up with the Vermont Agency Foundation Sera set a goal to raise $25,000 to benefit the Vermont Cancer Center. And with grace and dignity, she made good on her promise to shave her head. Seated in the center of a tent, surrounded by those there to support her cause and her spirit, Sera took the first swipe herself. By the end she was just as outwardly beautiful as she was before.

As if a beauty queen shaving her head was not enough of a shocker, several friends attending the event jumped in and had their heads shaved as well, some with hair long an healthy enough to be donated to causes making wigs for those who’ve lost their hair to Cancer.

While Mrs. Vermont Sera even took a stab at writing, submitting a column for her local newspaper about her experiences with parenting. These wildly popular monthlies were the chatter of all her friends, who could relate to what she was sharing, but also popular with those who did not know her and were struggling themselves. sera reached another goal; that of connecting with parents in her community, if only through her words.

Now that her term as Mrs. Vermont has come to an end, Sera sets off on another journey, one that is now shaped by her experiences as a beauty queen, one of volunteerism, motherhood and of simply finding out where life will bring her next.

-Making motherhood look good one tiara at a time, Jess

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Armed with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Teaching, Jessica began a career as an advertising executive before spending nine years as an 8th grade English teacher. In 2009, Jessica opted out of the workforce to be home with her kids.

In need of an intellectual outlet, Jessica was offered the opportunity to start a third career as a freelance travel & lifestyle writer and has never looked back. Having contributed to travel & lifestyle outlets: Nile Guide, Tripology, USA TODAY & 10Best Jessica is excited to be part of the Amazing Matriarch where she hopes she can encourage other women to channel the amazing within.

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