One Amazing Margarita to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Nothing beats a Margarita, be it on the rocks or in the blender, especially when the weather’s warm and the sun is shining. Best of all tequila is the only spirit that is not a depressant (or so a bartender selling me a cocktail once said), so you can drink it all day without getting sleepy (Silver Tequila is a great sub for Vodka in a Bloody Mary).

Because this member of the Amazing Matriarch team believes in the value of a stiff drink, you may want adjust the quantity and add a little extra simple syrup, Triple Sec or Cointreau to your shaker.

Recreate Jess’s favorite recipe (a riff on the Silver Coin served at Jasper White’s Summer Shack), served on the rocks with salt to pair with your fiesta this evening:


  • 2oz Silver Tequila (Patron is a good choice)
  • 1oz Fresh squeezed lime juice (do not use the bottled lime juice or the drink will not be the same)
  • 1/2oz Simple syrup (more to taste)
  • Salt (for the rim)

Run a lime wedge along the edge of the glass, dip into a plate covered in salt (kosher, sea or cocktail salt) or sugar if you like a sweeter drink. Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, strain into ice filled glass, garnish with lime wheel or wedge. Sip and enjoy with your Cinco De Mayo spread.

-Mixing up a cocktail creation for every occasion, Jess

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Armed with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Teaching, Jessica began a career as an advertising executive before spending nine years as an 8th grade English teacher. In 2009, Jessica opted out of the workforce to be home with her kids.

In need of an intellectual outlet, Jessica was offered the opportunity to start a third career as a freelance travel & lifestyle writer and has never looked back. Having contributed to travel & lifestyle outlets: Nile Guide, Tripology, USA TODAY & 10Best Jessica is excited to be part of the Amazing Matriarch where she hopes she can encourage other women to channel the amazing within.


  1. Hi Jessica,
    I was wondering if you can help me. I am looking for a place to hold a casual and fun “cocktail reception” close (walking distance) from the Boston Convention Center. Ideally with view to the harbor. Its so hard to know which ones are truly good ones. I find your 10 best bars on the website and found a few that look close but Im not sure if it would work for 50-75 ppl (Legal Harborside and Drink). This event would be for mid-Nov, so we have a bit of time. Are there any others in that area that you think could work for us? Any help would be tremendous!
    Im in LA so its hard to go scouting venues!

    1. Hmmm… happy to help you as best I can. I had trouble when trying to plan a party in that area myself; I ended up ditching it and going in a totally different direction. I feel like I need a little more info… are you looking for private event space, space within a location or simply a place to meet up? Is cost an issue? And are you thinking a weekday or weekend? There’s one on the water that comes to mind- Smith and Wollensky; they have a great patio on the harbor, and may reserve part for events; but November would be chilly outdoors and I’m not sure their indoor function rooms have water views… Del Frisco’s has a spectacular function room, full of windows on the water; it is lovely. The Intercontinental’s Miel may be an option. A couple others that come to mind in that area w/out water views (water views are getting increasingly harder to find as new buildings rise): Babbo, and Gather/District Hall, Tamo. If you don’t mind a more laid back vibe Jerry Remy’s is a sports themed bar type space that has water views (think burgers and wings). Hope this helps, if not send me more details and I’ll think harder.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you for responding! We are looking for a private space, on a weekday, and cost isnt an issue. I like your idea of Del Friscos.. I’ll have to look into those. Others that were suggested to me were: Strega, Sportello, Harborside.. If you have an insight into those places, (ie good food, good for groups, etc) that would be extremely helpful!
        thank you again for helping me out!

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