One Hour + $35 = Happy Feet

Reflexology for Relaxation

When you’re short on time and in need of a little stress relief consider trying reflexology at Waltham’s Happy Feet. For $35 (plus gratuity) you can spend an hour in their clean, dimly lit reflexology room. Catering to many clients at the same time, you may want to encourage a few friends to help fill the room, but even if flying solo, you’ll quickly forget that there are strangers all around and drift off into a state of relaxation in the hands of your skilled reflexologist.

Unclear on what reflexology is, I did a bit of research before we went. Reflexology is the belief that using specific points in the hands and feet stimulate areas that relate to other parts of the body.  Practitioners use their thumb and fingers when working with these pressure points to provide a deep, targeted massage.

Always up for a bit of “me time”, I was quick to agree and join a friend who mentioned that she wanted to try Happy Feet. As she and I have crazy, and often conflicting, schedules it was nice to know that Happy feet is open until 10pm, making it easy to get an appointment that we could work with.

At Happy Feet, sessions begin on the hour and appointments are strongly recommended. On a Sunday morning at 10am, I found the entire room filled with others enjoying their session. Silence is a necessity, as any chatter would disturb those around you, and cell phones are strictly forbidden.

Once you’ve been shown to your bed, you’ll remove your shoes and socks and sit on the ottoman at the base of your assigned bed. Placing your feet into a comfortably warm Chinese herb filled bath, you’re feet will soak for fifteen minutes.  During this time, your practitioner will get to work loosening your head, neck, shoulders and back with a deep massage that combines kneading and rubbing to release your muscles.

After the tension has been taken out of your upper body, you’re feet are in for a treat.  Lay back and relax on the comfortable bed for 45 glorious minutes of foot relief. Focusing on your pressure points, your reflexologist will do a mix of pressing, rubbing and kneading from your ankles to knees, eliminating all tension. The only drawback is that the hour goes by too fast and you’ll soon be sent back to the real world.

Harmonization of the body is said to be the benefit of reflexology providing many positive health benefits, however the proof of reflexology’s healing powers has not been confirmed.

But one thing’s for sure, it does no harm and comes in at a fraction of the cost of a traditional massage. Happy Feet really is a treat and hours later my feet are still pretty happy.

-Life’s too short for your feet to be anything but happy, Jess

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